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Ron Moscovich - Founding Partner

Mr. Shay, based in Denver Colorado, is a Partner at Ovur, a Real Estate Investment Manager with a track record that demonstrates the power of strong relationships and timely information in making big deals. He’s an innovative real estate leader with a skill for creative investing and providing sound, sustainable real estate investment solutions. Mr. Shay serves on various portfolio management and investment committees & is primarily responsible for pre-acquisition feasibility studies & due diligence.


Mr. Shay has built a powerful network through which to manage real estate portfolios and develop investment strategies. Focused on navigating the most effective course for his investors on an Institutional and individual engaged basis. Nir approaches his responsibility towards all investments with a sharp, analytical integrity, combined with the persistence to see every project through to a successful outcome, has built him a solid reputation.


A graduate from the Airforce flight academy, Nir served as a Fighter Jet Navigator for 9 years before transitioning to a successful 11-year career in the real estate industry.


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